Our Story

Moon and Baby began with our family. A loving family with two beautiful girls, who were both born in eco-friendly Costa Rica. His eldest developed a sensitive skin condition, so Jay worked hard to find products and materials that were comforting and free of harsh chemicals.

By creating Moon and Baby, he hopes to help other new parents bypass the hassles he experienced when their choosing baby essentials. That’s why Moon and Baby offers sustainable and organic essentials for our little ones. Our research shows that bamboo and organic cotton are soft, durable, non-irritating and easy to care for. They are renewable resources whose growth and cultivation are gentle on the environment. Using the very best materials and fabrics allows us to focus on what’s important - the health and comfort of your baby. 

As we grow, so too does our commitment to helping one another with the challenges and joys of parenting. Our journal provides suggestions on how to cope with common problems and gives encouragement for raising mindful and happy children.

We’d love to hear from you, and hope you will share in the journey by joining the Moon and Baby community.




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