July 01, 2017

The Real Benefits of Bamboo and Organic Materials

When we were kids, a lot of us were dressed in clothing made of materials we couldn’t
pronounce. Polyester, acrylic, and nylon were the “fabrics of the future”, but nobody seemed to be paying much attention to what that future might look like. Fast-forward a generation and we’re living with the consequences of too many chemicals interacting with the environment and, ultimately, with our bodies.

Luckily, the move towards sustainable and eco-friendly textiles means we have a choice when it comes to the fabric we place against the skin of our newborns. Organic cotton, silk, and wool have all seen a marked uptake in clothing manufacture, but the most versatile and kid-friendly is undoubtedly bamboo.

Traditionally, bamboo was vaunted for its toughness and used in China to make everything
from boats to baskets. Because it grows rapidly without the need for fertilizers or pesticides,
new technologies were developed to extract the fibers and make them suitable for use in
textiles. There is still work to be done to “green” these processes, but there is no question
that bamboo is an environmental miracle worker.

"a unique substance called “bamboo kun” which is a natural anti-bacterial agent that combats some of those less attractive baby smells"

Growing bamboo improves the quality of the soil, retains water and prevents erosion. It is
extremely efficient at absorbing greenhouse gases and produces roughly 35% more oxygen
than trees. Bamboo is an eminently renewable resource that hasn’t been subject to genetic
modification. Best of all, it’s 100% biodegradable, an important consideration when you
consider that Americans send 13 million tons of clothing to landfills every year.
All if which is great for the environment, but what about for your baby?

Due to the rounded structure of the fiber, bamboo is incredibly soft and non-irritating. It
contains a unique substance called “bamboo kun” which is a natural anti-bacterial agent that combats some of those less attractive baby smells. Bamboo is also hypoallergenic and perfect for sensitive skin. It breathes better than any other natural fiber and is also more absorbent than cotton or synthetics.
On a practical note, bamboo’s legendary strength translates into durable, long-lasting textiles. It is also wrinkle resistant and requires no special laundering.

Parenting infants often feel like stumbling guesswork. You know they’re unhappy, but it may
take an extended (and anxious) round of find-the- problem before everyone calms down. If
they’re wrapped in a Moon and Baby; Baby towel, you can cross several possibilities off your list.

You know the fabric isn’t irritating their skin, and the material is helping to keep their body
temperature balanced. If they’ve just come out of the bath, any remaining moisture isn’t
hanging around and making them uncomfortable. They’re warm, comfy and safe – so you can move on to hungry, tired or teething.

We chose bamboo for our range of towels because we believe not only in responsible
environmental stewardship but in its amazing natural properties. There’s nothing out there
that’s as soft, durable or easy to care for. Be warned, however, that once your baby figures
out what’s in their favorite towel, they’re going to be wanting bamboo sheets, t-shirts, and
underpants. Just like us.

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